Adhering to social compliances has become a crucial aspect of running a smooth business operation, especially when big-name brands are regularly thrust into the spotlight over the working conditions of their factory workers. Every year, regulations are revised and standards are updated, leaving brands and producers exposed to public accusations and even legal action if they don’t comply with these standards. At Horus Socc, we specialize in providing custom-made training and consulting services to garment manufacturers and factory management on the intricacies of regulatory compliances with a focus on maintaining an ethical work culture. By utilizing our expert services, your managers can recognize the root causes of negative conditions and take appropriate action in a timely manner.

Horus Socc is the brainchild of Ms. Neena Mehta, a consultant with over 13 years of experience in factory internal systems and social & ethical training, supported by an in-depth knowledge on social compliances with a special focus on textiles. She currently also conducts training for the Business Social Compliance Initiative (amfori BSCI) and various international companies. She has also been engaged with amfori BSCI for its local capacity building training since 2014. As a requirement, amfori BSCI expects all its service providers to apply a holistic approach towards improving the working conditions of workers in farms and factories. Ms. Mehta has attended BSCI training in Hong Kong and has contributed to the localization of BSCI training material to Indian standards while keeping herself updated with new laws and regulations concerning the same.


Training & Capacity Building

We specialize in training middle to senior management about the various regulations and ethics codes and how to include them in an operational holistic management system. This comprises training on basic occupational health & safety (OHS), fire safety, and specific codes of conduct as well as for fair remuneration and interview skills. This helps ensure compliance with international norms and standards, brand expectations, as well as Indian legal requirements like the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (PPR) Act.

Sustainable Assessment

With years of experience and in-depth knowledge on the industry’s various Codes of Conduct and their implementation as well as social auditing, we can identify the root causes of risks in your operations and help you take steps to find sustainable solutions to achieve the necessary compliance. This ensures your operations are in line with customer expectations and your workforce remains healthy, content, and more productive.

Internal System Check

We help your organization adhere to high levels of quality by conducting internal system checks to ensure all operations are running as intended and identifying process points that act as weak links in the system. This helps give your customers the assurance that your business conducts its operations only at the highest levels of quality and efficiency.





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